Vice president Joe Biden receives Perry Milou painting



In Sept of 2015 while exhibiting my official World Meeting Of Families licensed Pope Francis Art work, I met a gentleman who was inspired by the imagery and its message. His name is Brian McGlinchey, Managing Director of McCarter Government Solutions and former federal projects director for Joe Biden in The U.S Senate. Brian purchased quite a few pieces of Pope Francis art and since then has become a great collector of my original art. I was honored this past year when he asked me if i’d be willing to paint a portrait of The Vice President. I was immediately humbled! Brian shared with me a 1978 re-elect U.S Senate poster based of photographer Brad Glazier’s image.  It’s classic pop feel was right up my alley for this portrait.

The oil painting, 40/30 inches on linen was completed within a week and given to Brian. Tucked away safely the piece was  literally saved for  a rainy day on Jan 20, 2017 when famous son of Delaware , and now Vice President of the United States Of America returned home for good on the same Amtrak line that he commuted on for close to 40 years.

In addition to presenting my piece to The Vice President , I shared in the honor of his welcome home speech including an intimate setting  behind the scenes in a small circle speaking about our country, the election, his vision and family. The Vice president was truly incredible. He has high hopes regardless on our new administration and will offer President Trump all the insight and help that he may want. The greatest comment that I left for home with was this, The Vice President believes that any man or woman, born from any race, from any environment, the simplest of forms, can create tremendous opportunities for themselves in life if they desire. That is America, and that is exactly what Joe Biden accomplished and he dedicated his life to serve our blessed country.