Ben Franklin Bridge Painting impressionism by Perry Milou




This Ben Franklin Bridge Painting impressionism by Perry Milou is a stunning perspective of the bridge connecting Camden to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia skyline over The Delaware River.


I painted this ultra colorful Philly piece while painting in Rittenhouse Square in the summer of 2004. I had been working on a VAN GOGH /SEURAT hybrid brushstroke for the past several years and was finally  feeling preety good about the energy in the brushwork.

The stunning cerulean blue of “Ben Franklin Blaze” really makes this painting pop! Anytime there are fireworks in the city, the bridge is lit up, the sky blazing with light and color.  Driving over the bridge at sunset is a stunning experience, up high over the water, heading toward the lights and energy of Philadelphia.

I have always loved the drive into the city heading South onto the Ben franklin Bridge. It is one of Philadelphia’s most stunning views. Experiencing the skyline growths and changes over decades really inspired me to attack this piece with great energy and detail.  As some of you might notice, I took a little creative license with the placement and foreshortening of the city.

The Ben Franklin Bridge is one of the great gateways into the city that I love!  It is also one of the great bridges in the country.  Originally called the Delaware River Bridge, it was built to help transport goods from the farms of South Jersey to the growing city population in Philadelphia.  Its name was later changed to Ben Franklin Bridge to honor one of our country’s founding fathers and Philadelphia residents whose success story impacted the city and the world.

“Ben Franklin Blaze” is one of my most popular and personal favorite Philadelphia painting.


Closing Remarks About my Van Gogh style Ben Franklin Bridge Painting

“BEN FRANKLIN BLAZE”. Oil on Canvas. 60X48in. 2004


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