painting in Philadelphia by Perry Milou

Did Vincent Van Gogh Paint In Philadelphia?

painting in Philadelphia by Perry Milou

Well, we all kind of know that this is a surreal hypothetical question!  It would have been amazing if he did paint Calder’s Swann Fountain or  Betsy Ross’ House. There are so many historical icons in Philadelphia The big city/small town would be a perfect fit for Vincent.

Painting in Philadelphia

painting in Philadelphia by Perry Miloupainting in Philadelphia by Perry MilouIn 2001, I received a phone call from the retail merchandise director of The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Intrigued and excited, I was asked if I could create two specific paintings of the east and west iconic facades of the prestigious museum. I eagerly accepted the two 60/48 inches original oils for the commission. Upon completion, the pieces were commercialized into t-shirts, coffee mugs, greeting cards, and puzzles to promote the Van Gogh retrospective at the museum.

Little did I know that I would quickly fall in love with trying to mimic Van Gogh’s frenetic swirling brushstroke as seen here in a promotional video I created for art supply icon Jerry’s Artarama. Over the next several decades, I have often created cityscapes in this genre of painting.

Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol – they all had incredible “IT – WOW ” factor to their art. Van Gogh combined so much color, so much texture, and did it so quickly that his paintings seem to be moving in front of our eyes.


Philly Love Meets Van Gogh

painting in Philadelphia by Perry Milou

My newest work “VANGOGHING TO PHILLY”   is a celebration of my love of Vincent and the amazing city of Philadelphia. Bridge paintings have always intrigued me.

I have created many of them throughout my career. The Ben Franklin Bridge is one of America’s finest. Its beautiful design and bright blue color are so dynamic as one travels into the city with excitement and anticipation.


This large oil speaks of all Philly – the bridge, the skyline complete with Liberty 1 and 2, and the new Comcast Technology Center. I cannot wait to see where Vincent paints next in The City of Brotherly Love.



Philadelphia’s Perry Milou is arguably one of the nation’s foremost pop artists, with collectors hailing his vibrant works for more than 20 years. He is best recognized for his pop culture contemporary art that pays tribute to global icons, Americana, and celebrities. Visit for a glimpse of his one-of-a-kind spectacular works.