On Thursday, February 14, 2019, Nicole Miller Philadelphia owner, Mary K. Dougherty, invited renowned American Pop Artist, Perry Milou, to showcase his iconic “Spread Your Love” series at her Bellevue Hotel boutique. Milou hand-carves wooden hearts and spontaneously pours paint over them to create a unique and collaborative art making experience. Each abstract heart represents both individuality and shared frequency. “I want my work to evoke an aura of beautiful feelings. ”I am constantly looking at the sky for color” Milou has said of his work. To celebrate this special exhibit, Nicole Miller Philadelphia boutique hosted a VIP meet and greet with Milou on Valentine’s Day. Perry Milou and his ”hearts”, paused for a photo with Nicole Miller team members Sabrina Pray and Anita Grossberg, store owner Mary Dougherty and guest Thanuja Hamilton M.D. during the event!