Mario Batali at Babbo 2014


Mario Batali at Babbo 2014

Mario Batali at Babbo 2014


This is the true story of how I presented a pop painting to Mario Batali at Babbo 2014!  Guerrilla Marketing 101: I created this Pop painting of MARIO BATALI a few years ago. I’ve always been inspired by his huge personality and talent, and I would actually consider him “AMERICA’S CHEF”.

Well they say if there is a will, there is a way. A good friend of mine, who lives on the Upper East Side of New York, is a very up-to-date kind of guy. He did a little research and found that Mario likes to frequent his iconic Washington Square restaurant Babbo on a semi-regular basis, but inconspicuously and inconsistently. I was in NY on a freezing Saturday morning dropping some art at another location so we decided to do a drive by, complete hunch, 100 % impromptu. I’ve been planning how to pull this off for 2 years, but is there really ever a plan when you are trying to present art an ICON?


Mario’s trademark orange crocks where a no-brainer for my background color as I used big bold strokes inspired from great photographic reference from his website.  The pins and flair on his chef’s coat are logos from his internationally expansive and acclaimed restaurants.


We pull up to Mario’s restaurant BABBO at 12:30 pm, I open the door of the restaurant, and there he is, Molto Mario, five feet from the door eating lunch at the bar! Talk about two people both being caught off guard. It as quite humorous. The rest goes down as a very amicable short conversation, a handshake and a photo. It was an exciting honor to meet Mario Batali, great day, great karma.  Mario Batali is a REAL person just like the rest of us.

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