Icon Joan Shepp launches Perry Milou’s Spread Your Love Collection



The story behind Pop Artist Perry Milou’s Spread your Love collection is much more than a new venture with an abstract medium of Painting. It is a message of hope.

From the Artist

“Our beautiful blue world has recently encountered many turbulent energy shifts that attempt to block the growth of love and light. Wanting to spread my wings in a different creative process, I decided to pursue into an abstract vision. What came to life: a single heart

carved out of wood, originating from a breathing tree, using a full spectrum of natural pigmented colors .These paints are then combined and poured directly in a kinetic style to create one of a kind pieces. There are 7 billion people living on our earth. Just as

each of my abstract hearts are impossible to replicate, we each have a living

breathing heart and no two hearts are the same. What is the same, without any

doubt, is that our hearts are all created from an equal higher divine source. We

are, in the truest of all essence, really one. Spread Your Love is a reminder, a

mantra, that when you share your energy and your kindness, you align to higher frequencies and become inspired to make our world a better place. Let’s be together, together we are one!”