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Perry Milou is arguably one of the nation’s foremost recognized Pop artists. Critics and collectors have hailed his bold, vibrant palette over the past 20 years. Considered a talented forward-thinker with classic, iconic inspirations, Milou’s work has often been described as “alluring”, “brilliant”, “fresh”, and “glamorous”.

 Perry Milou creates a blend of pop culture contemporary art that is frequently a tribute to global icons, Americana, and celebrities. This past January Milou’s original painting was presented to Vice President Joe Biden upon returning home to Delaware after serving 8 years under President Obama.His 2017 roster includes blockbusters pieces include portraits of  Prince, Harambe, David Bowie, and Nelson Mandela.

     In 2016 Milou’s incredible portrait of Pope Francis recognized him as the official licensed portrait artist by The World Meeting Of Families for The pontiff’s visit to America.  Milou employs a rich palette to create vibrant representational works coined FINE- POP“. The artist paints in a hybrid style, fluidly combining illustration and Pop composition with technique; Milou draws on a wide range of masters for inspiration including: Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Wesselman. When paint dries on the canvas, be it a commission for tomato kings Cento, a Swarovski crystal studded Stallone or a Philadelphia scene in Van Gough’s style, it is absolutely a Milou!

 Bold color is the forefront of my work. My FINE-POP painting is highly stylized, exciting and graphic; the in-your-face imagery clearly defines the Milou brand.

 The personable Perry Milou began his career and life-long passion as a artist in first grade. Young Milou, crayons in hand, was asked to draw a mural of Huckleberry Finn on brown craft paper. He exhibited talent rare in a child so young and created something truly extraordinary and was asked to finish the project himself – Milou’s first “commission”!  This opportunity led to Perry Milou’s artistic epiphany and he decided to dedicate his life to being an artist – and boy has he done it! He followed an individualized path and earned a BFA from The University of Arizona in 1990, where he was the first student in the college’s history to virtually create his own “open studio major”. This strategy allowed Milou to experiment artistically and molded him into the prolific, diverse, outward thinking artist he is today.

 The Fine- Pop artist continues to refine his brand and remains inspired to create bold new projects, while accepting commissions for both private and corporate clients, as well continually contributing to his ever-expanding, diverse roster of charitable foundations around the country.