On July 21st, 2016 I stood arm to arm with Philadelphia/Orlando transplant Michael Hoffman, a survivor of the PULSE tragedy and hometown hero whom traveled back to Philly to support this amazing evening of fundraising and love, Art Pop For Pulse

Michael spoke to me at length about that evening with a heavy heart but tremendous pride for the love of both of his cities, their people and our country’s stength.

A gay proud man he is, and I was so inspired to share in his moment in front of the “CREATED EQUAL” piece that I designed specifically for The Philly Art Pop For Pulse Event.

Over 4000 people poured the streets of the Philadelphia Gayborhood , especially at our event, Art Pop For Pulse, at Valanni Restaurant.

My inspiration

for this event was actullay conceived from meeting a new friend on Facebook, Rhoad Island Artist Kim Ellery. Kim approach me on Facebook after seeing a post of my painting and inquired if we could collaborate together somehow. With the energy of the event growing , Kim took a 5 hour train, booked a hotel and lugged several pieces of art for donation and met me early in the day to prepare for ART POP FOR PULSE. A mother of a 25 year old lesbian daugther, Kim’s compassion love and talent were an incredible addition to the evening, let alone her amazing live art creations.

By nights end

Kim, myself, and fellow artist Marisa Cariola sold over  200 tshirts , including  several silent auction pieces, with 100 % proceeds donated to Equality Florida.

View the amazing promotional video of Art Pop for Pulse. Great thanks to incredible organizer and producers Noel Zayas and Madison Matthews, their love, compassion and talent were truly amazing.


Rhode Island artist Kim Ellery with her Illuminated art manufactured by