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NATIONAL ADOPTION AGENCY It’s not often that you get an opportunity to rub shoulders with renowned Philadelphia artists and bid on their newest work while supporting an important charity that expands adoption opportunities for thousands of children in foster care in the tri-state area. The artists Perry Milou, Candy Depew, Zoe Strauss, Isaiah Zagar, Shelley Spector, Pepón Osorio, David Ohlerking, Martha Madigan, Bertha Leonard, and Moe Brooker have created new pieces, each inspired by the story of a child who once lived in foster care and has since been adopted. Some artists, like Perry Milou (link to artist page are pulling from other sources of influence too. This pop artist, who has been praised for his vibrancy, forward-thinking, and glamorous pop art, has had some personal experience with the world of adoption himself. Having known the hardships of growing up with a single parent, Milou was later fortunate enough to be adopted, thus thoroughly appreciating the stability and love of a forever family. He is thrilled to be a part of this celebration of adoption. Milou recently met up with the Thomas family to learn about their adoption story as inspiration for his upcoming piece. Jonathan, 14, Alaina, 17, and Isaiah, 18, were adopted together by Jane and John Thomas only a few years ago, and the family is thriving. . . but it wasn’t easy. The teens had to overcome many past traumas of their foster care lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally. But now, with the support and guidance of their forever family, the three are as close to their adoptive parents as any biological child would be. Milou’s amazing artistic tribute to this sibling group will be exclusively auctioned at the National Adoption Center’s 40th Anniversary Celebration of Families: the Art of Adoption( on April 25th at the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker Building. The former foster children, their families and the participating artists will be in attendance at the gala. If you love art you will not want to miss this exclusive opportunity. Click to purchase tickets.